A watch story


My Dad has a watch hobby; I grew up watching him taken them apart and back. He gave me watches atarting at my early 10’s I have found memories of wearing multi-color orient watches. Latter on he passed down tome A Omega Seamaster (Still have it) a Heuer Autavia and and a Heuer Carrera. From this point on I was hooked!

I started collecting mostly Mechanical Chronograph watches and moved on latter to Divers.

Watch repairing

My interest in chronographs lead me to start tinkering with their movements. Most Chronograph you can find in internet are in need of repair. My first attempts ended in failures; But as time progressed my technics and tools got better. After 10 years working on watch internals, I’m now a fairly good (if I my say) at bringing back watch to their old glory days.